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The Pikogan Police Department is responsible for maintain peace, order and public safety on the territory of the community. community. The police officers carry out patrols, investigations, surveillance surveillance, research, prevention as well as other activities, in order to prevent and other activities to prevent crime and bring offenders to justice. of offences. In addition, police officers ensure that they provide ongoing assistance to the community with any legal or criminal problems. or criminal problems.

OTHER SERVICES The police service also provides the community with prevention to the community on various subjects such as The vandalism;Drug and alcohol drug and alcohol abuse road safety car seat safety;Pedestrian safety;Alcohol pedestrian safety;Drinking and driving drinking and driving violence of any kind. PARTNERS The police service works jointly with the the RCMP and the Sûreté du Québec in order to always offer a relevant and relevant and cutting-edge service.

THE POLICE HAVE BEEN SERVING PIKOGAN FOR 20 YEARS Pikogan Police has been working for the safety and and prevention of its community for 20 years. The anniversary was celebrated June 20 in the presence of former members of the police force and the Pikogan Police was created on January 1, 1996 by the Council of the Council of the Abitibiwinni First Nation, who wanted a service that was more adapted to the to the needs of the community that was previously served by the Amerindian Police Council. by the Amerindian Police Council. The service was supervised by the Sûreté du Québec for a transition period of five years. Although it has been fully autonomous since 2001, it still requires the assistance of the provincial assistance from the provincial police force when a case exceeds its capacity, human resources or investigative expertise.

"Over the years, officers get to know the people in the community, and often work with them to find work with them to find solutions to problems rather than just working on enforcement. instead of just working on enforcement. An approach adapted to the needs and realities of the residents of Pikogan is essential," says Françoise Ruperthouse, a Françoise Ruperthouse, Councillor responsible for public security.   

Patroller in Pikogan since 1993, Gerry Mapachee, from Amos, took over the management of the Pikogan Police Force in July 1996, succeeding Martin Mathias. Since then, he has seen 36 officers in his department, which started with a service, which started with three officers and has grown to six today. to six today. These officers have been able to learn more about Aboriginal culture and to better intervene with this clientele. "We are convinced that it has been We are convinced that it was an enriching experience for them to work in the heart of the community.

We believe that this knowledge has allowed them to intervene in a more adapted way with Aboriginal people in their next jobs with the Sûreté du Québec, the Service de police de la Ville de Montréal or in other Aboriginal police forces," says Gerry Mapache. police forces," says Gerry Mapache.

Pikogan Police has also served as a for at least five members of the community. Carlos Kistabish and Terry Rankin of the SQ, Shan Kistabish and Shawn Rankin of the Eeyou-Eenou police, and Stéphane Kistabish, a correctional services officer, all got their start in Pikogan. in Pikogan. The management of the station is now under the responsibility of Mrs. Annick Wylde.

A rewarding experience

If it still wishes to develop its services and services and increase its workforce, Pikogan Police admits that it is thinking with the possibility of regionalizing the Algonquin police services. Algonquin police services. This avenue could reduce the turnover of personnel and personnel turnover and offer a more interesting career path to the police officers in officers.

Decorated police officers Pikogan Police has two decorated officers in its ranks two decorated police officers, Director Gerry Mapachee and his assistant Annick Annick Wylde, both of whom have been awarded the Police Exemplary Service Medal in recent years for for over 20 years of exemplary conduct. Annick Wylde also has expertise in fighting organized crime, having been on loan for two two years on loan to the Aboriginal Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit (A-CFSEU).

Director: Annick Wylde

Address: 215 Hector Polson Street, Pikogan, QC J9T 3A3 Telephone: 819-732-4411

A regional service?