Frequently asked questions

Category 1

By contacting the head of the police service in question and/or by submitting a complaint to the Police Ethics Commissioner Commissaire à la déontologie policière - Accueil (

By checking the local police station of the territory in question, by using the telephone # broadcast in the targeted community, by checking the website of the association (ADPPNIQ), avoid using 911 for an administrative question that is not urgent.

No matter which service you communicate with, specifying the location and nature of the event, the call dispatch staff will refer you to the right resource.

The laws applied in the territories served by aboriginal police services are the same, but there are certain nuances in the application of Quebec's code of criminal procedure.

Police officers who work in the territories of the communities are qualified and have been trained at the National Police Academy (ENPQ) like any other police officer in Quebec, they have jurisdiction over the territories for which they have been sworn in.

Police services are able to respond to citizens who speak the language of the nation they serve and are usually able to respond in both English and French.

By contacting one of our association's police services directly by phone, email or by visiting their websites available on our site, our association's website also gives you links to various Ministry programs, CEGEPs and other partners.

Only if your request is not urgent, for any emergency call that requires emergency intervention, use 911 or local post # .

The association of first nations and inuit police directors of Quebec has the primary mission of supporting and representing in one voice the public safety professionals of first nations and inuit of Quebec in their development to better serve their communities.


The executive director of the association or a member of the team will respond to your request within a reasonable time, do not use the association's info email to report an emergency that requires urgent police intervention.