Huron-Wendat Nation

Service de police de Wendake




The mandate of the Wendake Police Force is carried out in accordance with the provisions of section 93 of the Quebec Police Act of Quebec:

An Aboriginal police force and each of its members are responsible for maintaining peace, order and public safety in the territory for which it is territory for which it is established, to prevent and repress crime and offences against and to prevent and suppress crime and offences against the laws and regulations applicable in that territory and to to search for the perpetrators.

The objectives of our service

To ensure an efficient coverage of the territory by prioritizing front line service, through our daily visibility in all sectors of the community sectors of the community and in strategic locations. Maintain close ties with the people in charge of all CNHW services services of the CNHW through personal meetings and within the committee of committee. Focus our management on quality, rigor and economy by fully respecting our appropriations.

One Director

Three officers (two supervisory sergeants and one detective sergeant)

Six full-time permanent police officers

Supernumerary police officers, depending on the needs of the department.

An administrative assistant

Vehicles and equipment 

We have three (3) patrol vehicles identified to our department two (2) unmarked vehicles, as well as two (2) bicycles specially specially equipped for police work. We use several pieces of recent technology: a laser cinemometer, a doppler radar, an alcohol detection device (a.d.a.), an approved breathalyzer (DataMaster) and a photometer. We are also also equipped with a defibrillator and two oxygen cylinders in order to fulfill our role as to fulfill our role as first responders. Our territory is covered 24 hours a day.

Director : Jean Duchesneau

Address: 650 Max Gros-Louis Street, Wendake (qc) G0A4V0 Phone number: 418-843-5491

Our department is currently composed of: